‘Deva’ – Character Backstory for Tavnoc By Night.

‘Deva’ was originally born Eva into a long-established noble family in the North of England. Her Father was the second-born and entered the diplomatic Service. Both parents traveled the world before Eva was born. Once Eva came along, she spent school holidays with her parents but most of her life was spent at boarding school … More ‘Deva’ – Character Backstory for Tavnoc By Night.


So often things threaten us, either our safety or even the well-being of our hearts and minds. When this happens, what should we do? Is it better to hide, or to place our backs against something solid and prepare to battle back, to make a stand and shout “Enough!” I fight many things in life, … More Fighter!

Postcards Home 1

Even opening her eyes ached… or was it merely the imagined pain that was about to hit her? Deva hauled herself up to a sitting position in bed. There was a split second before her bruises made their presence felt. “Nothing for it… time to face the day.” She swung her legs over the side … More Postcards Home 1