Under cover of dusk.






Through the shadows of dusk she moved. The wind moved through her hair and skirt, letting her blend as part of the landscape. It seemed a lifetime since her feet had travelled this land, yet to her eyes the landscape remained unchanged, it was only her who had changed.


She recognised so few of the faces of those she saw as she moved through the marketplace and village. The few who did notice the woman keeping to the shadows expressed surprise, but then responded to her gentle smile. Things had changed indeed, yet the sense of home remained.


She gathered her skirts and climbed the winding road that led to the hilltop. Each step had her eyes cast to the floor as she picked her way between the worn and loose surface of the path. As she reached the summit she smiled to see the fire was kept burning as a light to all who sought out the peace there. She saw she was alone here and did not need to hide, so stepped closer to its flame and let it warm her.


The gulls called to each other down in the harbour and the sounds of the evening carried from the village. She could hear the songs and laughter from the tavern, but turned her face into the wind, looking out over the land below. She could see the glow from distant windows where once there had been no dwelling. The land had indeed changed, but she found she looked forward to the coming day to see how the reality of the land compared to the landscape of her memories.

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