Peace and magic


Second life may well be a world of pixels, but over the 12 years that I have been an… ‘inhabitant’, it’s brought so much to me and my life. Two of the most important of those things, are the people it’s allowed me to meet, and the creative space that SL represents.

Gidgy Adagio is a woman who has always been a positive influence in both of those areas! I can’t remember exactly how many years it was ago that I first saw Gidgy’s artwork on Flickr, ( ) but eventually I contacted her on Flickrmail, and it started a friendship which moved from there to Facebook, and then into SL itself.

After a while, our conversations got beyond the superficial, and we discovered that we both think and feel alike on many subjects. She’s a true, and good heart… a real gem of a woman and friend. Gidgy is also brimming with magical creativity. She would probably disagree with me, but that’s simply because she’s so down-to-earth… and I would simply speak louder! *chuckles*

She creates the most magical and wonderful landscapes, to the point where they truly have a ‘feel’ to them. I am a visual writer. I write best when submerged in the scene I am trying to capture… when I can see all events playing out in motion slow enough to capture with my typed words. So often I need to be in that right frame of mind, and there have been so many times when Gidgy’s SIMs have provided the perfect mixture of calm and magic for me to spend time sitting there, imagining… and writing.

Her created worlds are always the perfect place whenever I feel compelled to slip back into fairy form to create a picture. This was my plan the other day… to take a simple ‘faepicture’, but I ended up spending ages on Savor Serenity taking landscape shots. It was a joyous and peaceful time which left me smiling wide through the rest of my day.

I truly savour the serenity which good people like Gidgy bring to my life…. and urge you to go and visit the sensual treat that Savor Serenity is: after all, all these images came from there!


Where dragons live.

Peace and Magic

Where peace and magic flourish



There’s something truly gorgeous about a beautifully-tied ribbon bow, I think. Someone with a few over-sensitive ideas about neatness, like myself, can spend a ridiculous amount of time fussing over keeping the loops of a bow equal, and making it look as pretty as it can.


I LOVE the ribbons on these shoes, but when admiring them and especially the detail at the front of the shoes, and trying to think how to best show them off,  they got me to thinking of attachments, how we bind ourselves closely to things, and others to us.


Life moves, and moves us with it. Well, if we are wise we move with life and not try to go against it.  Some things cannot be avoided, but with clear focus on where we are heading, and a lightness of heart, beauty can be find in even the darkest moments.


2019 seems to be hurtling towards the end of its time, and I can honestly say that this year has been one full of obstacles, and changes. Some have been really hard, but all have taught me something about myself. Some links have been unfastened completely, some tied tighter, and then there are those attachments which have been changed in nature, but re-bound with a different, but equally beautiful bow.


Nothing remains as it was. The nature of the passing of time is that all things change. This is not something to be mourned, because sometimes they evolve into something even more worthy.


That said… for now… just enjoy these gorgeous new Morgane Ribbon Heels from Gos… out now at  Fameshed, shown off perfectly with one of the Bedeviled pose from Gingerfish, and complemented with lingerie from Erratic.


The chair is from Fapple, the table from Apple Fall, and decor is from Nutmeg, Disorderly and LODE, all in a skybox from Rageworks



I first became aware of Ena’s light. Her pictures on Flickr, and her words on Facebook were a testament to her talent and heart. I thought she might be a kindred soul…. and I was right.

She is a real and true friend to me. We don’t speak each day, because we don’t need to. That said, I KNOW that if we lived in the same area we would often meet up for coffee and a natter! There’s never a lull, or silence to our friendship. We simply catch up as much as we can…and revel in those conversations, and ohhhh how we giggle! She also has a real talent for eliciting those proper belly laughs from me.

She is someone who has heard me vent, and has been there through some really tough times for me, and always… ALWAYS cheers me up with the wonderful way she sees the world. I am truly blessed to have her as a dear friend.

The natural beauty of even the reddest rose simply can’t compete with the shining heart of a good and true friend ♥